The Struggle is Real

As women, one of the most reoccurring struggles in our life is being consistently self-confident. Sure, some days we feel like we’ve got our stuff together – we look good (like we walked right out of Pinterest), all our ducks are in a line… you know, the days when it feels like you've got a theme song; “Can’t Touch This” is playing in the back of your mind everywhere you go...

Unfortunately, that’s not the norm for most of us. My ducks are often all over the countryside. I don’t feel like I walked out of Pinterest and there’s no song playing in the background, but THAT’S OK.

Being a confident woman takes work… especially while all kinds of things are going on around us sending subliminal (or not-so-hidden) messages that we are inferior if we don’t have a man, look a certain way, wear certain clothes, participate in certain social activities, do whatever a man wants and so on. It’s no wonder the struggle is real. If you haven't heard one of Lil' John's new songs, don't waste your time, but let's just say, "No, Lil’ John. We will not 'Bend Ova.'” 

We don't have to accept these expectations. I want this to be a place where you feel encouraged as a woman. We will be hearing from other ladies about their continual efforts to be a confident woman in the midst of today's society.

Together, women are dangerous. We've got this. 

Gentry Fisher1 Comment