Gentry found her knack for design and photography as a freshman in high school when she became part of the yearbook staff. Even though she has always enjoyed being creative, she didn't expect it to be her full-time occupation some day. As a senior in high school and future college athlete, Gentry had her hopes set on coaching tennis at her alma mater after college. She and her coach had formed a close relationship over the years and he felt confident in retiring to leave Gentry with the program he had built from nothing. After a couple of seasons as an assistant coach, Gentry realized that, while she loved tennis, coaching and teaching wasn't a profession she could see herself in longterm. But, it has all worked out.

After spending some time in the public relations scene as a PR Assistant at People's Electric Cooperative, Gentry felt like this was more suitable for a lasting career. She enjoyed still having the opportunity to design, while being a part of events and around people. Gentry changed her major from education and began to study Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations & advertising. She worked part-time at PEC for two years while finishing college. 

As graduation approached, Gentry was offered a full-time graphic design job with the Chickasaw Nation at the Chickasaw Press. After a little over a year at the Press, Gentry has won one gold ADDY from the OKC American Advertising Awards for the 2016 Chickasaw Press Catalog and has been the graphic designer for the first and second issue of Chokma Magazine, a biannual publication of creative content that focuses on Chickasaw people, culture, tourism, programs and much more. 

Graphic design has been more than an occupation for Gentry. It has given her a unique way to serve her church by assisting with materials they need, creating t-shirts for friends who are raising money for mission trips and much more. She hopes to soon start a design business that will donate a percentage of their proceeds to sex trafficking ministries. This type of ministry has a special place in Gentry's heart as she has experienced the need first-hand in Ecuador while meeting women and girls who benefit from the help, resources and love they offer. 

Gentry Fisher • 2016

Gentry Fisher • 2016